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Map Oregon-California-Nevada Trip 2012
2 weeks
3914 km / 2446 miles

At beginning of September 2012 Jayne and I rode from Portland, Oregon south. Our first goal was Lava Beds National Monument right after the "border" from Oregon to California. From there we went further south through Lassen Volcanic National Park and to Lake Tahoe. On to Jackson, CA where we visited Friends at their self built weekend house. From there we rode on south along Mono Lake and June Lake to the Devils Postpile National Monument. Then we rode east to Tonopah in Nevada and then north again. Back in oregon we visited the Alvord desert and rode through the Malheur und Ochoco National Forest. A short side trip over the McKenzie Pass before we had to head home again.
The best time for such a trip is spring and fall, since in summer it is too hot, especially in Nevada. But in spring some passes can still be closed due to snow, best it up before you go.

The road conditions are generally good, but on this trip we did some gravel roads too, which were all in good conditions too.

In terms of safety I have to say that there are many bears in the forests of northern California, therefore one should put all food items into bear boxes at camping sites. But other animals, e.g. Racoons, can become dangerous too. Therefore we always left our food in locked panniers when camping rough.

Lava Beds National Monument
Lava Beds National Monument is, as the name states, a large area with many different lava flows, absolutely impressive. Lava Beds National Monument
Only a few miles away one can also see prehistoric Petroglypes. No entrance fee. Petroglyphs
lava tubes
Lava Beds is so special for it's many lava tubes, which are ranked from easy to difficult and can all be visited. A strong flashlight is highly recommendable, our head lamps were a little weak. A helmet is a good idea and depending on the tubes ranking knee and elbow pads too. We only visited the easy tubes. lava tubes
extreme fire danger
There was extreme fire danger for most of the trip due to lack of rain and high temperatures. Therefore most camping sites didn't allow fires. We passed some forest fires and fire camps on the trip. extreme fire danger
Lassen Volcanic National Park
We rode to the Lassen Volcanic National Park. the road over the pass is twisty and offers beautiful views. Lassen Volcanic National Park

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