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Route In August/September 1999 I drove coming from south-England along the coast to the north. On that way I drove through the national parks of Pembroke and Snowdonia. During the way back I did a side trip to the Black Mountains at the Brecon Beacon National Park.

The red triangles shown on the map are youth hostels with their location. To stay a night will cost about 10 Pounds, sleeping in a tent is the only way to get a cheaper stay.

Recommended map: Kümmerly+Frey, sheet 6, scale 1:250.000 

Guide book: Lonely Planet Great Britain or  Lonely Planet Wales

General information The best time in year to go to the UK is May/June and September/October. In July/August it will be warmer but it also will rain more often.

The traffic signs near by the cities are in two languages (English and Welsh), in the other parts of Wales the signs are only in Welsh and then you have to compare the words letter after letter with your map. But this language is spoken very seldom.

Pembroke National Park

You should do the distance between Cardiff and Swansea quite fast, because there is nothing to see except big cities with traffic jam and industry. 

But I'm sure that you will love the beautiful coast of the Pembroke National Park.

tank shooting area The most beautiful parts of the cliffs you can visit only on weekends. During the week it's forbidden to be there and it's better if you do so, because this is a army tank shooting area.
amazing nature It's absolutely amazing what the nature is able to do.
Snowdonia National Park The Snowdonia National Park is a hilly area with lots of lovely turns.