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Map Oregon-Utah-Nevada Trip 2014
2 weeks
4766 km / 2979 miles

Early June 2014 Jayne and I rode east from Portland, Oregon and the south/east. We decided to do the first 800 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah by interstate, just to cover some ground. Our first goal was Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quary, from there we continued on to Moab, Utah, where we visited Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and also did some off-road trips. After Jayne had a little mishap and we stayed three days longer in Moab we rode on to Goblin Valley State park, Capitol Reef National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park. Then we rode once again through empty Nevada and camped in the middle of nowhere and watched the amazingly bright stars. On we continued to Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and from there rode the Oregon Outback Scenic Byway towards home.
The best time for such a trip is spring and fall, since in summer it is too hot, especially in Utah and Nevada. But in spring some passes can still be closed due to snow, best look up you route right before you go.

The road conditions are generally good, but on this trip we did some dirt and gravel roads too, which were all in at least decent conditions. Some sections can have sand from floods in spring. Also be aware of possible flash floods.

In terms of safety wild animals are probably be greatest thread. Not only bears can be dangerous, but mountain lions and even racoons can be dangerous. We always left our food in locked aluminum panniers when camping rough.

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quary is a bit off the beaten track, at the end of about 7 miles of gravel. It is certainly not overrun, we were visitors number 7 and 8 that day and got a private tour by the ranger. The exhibits are absolutely impressive and the scenery is quite nice too. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
I70 reststop before turnoff to Moab
Once you get past Salt Lake City Utah is a beatiful state, even on rather big highways. I70 reststop before turnoff to Moab
Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground
Our campsite in Moab, Utah at Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground. Beatiful view and good location. We were lucky to get a spot as they fill up often, book in advance. View from Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground
Arches National Park
We spent a full day at Arches National Park but one can easily spent two or even three days there, depending on how much hiking you want to do. Get there early in the morning before the heat kicks in and carry plenty of water. Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Arches is really nice, but it often requires at least a little hiking to get to the arches. While we are normally both ATGATT because of the heat and required hiking we opted for hiking pants. Parking bikes is not a problem, but car parking can get rare. Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

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