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We had read that there was still snow in the Yellowstone National Park, but  we did not expect this. The campsite was open, but they had still so much snow that they cleared only the paved roads. Snow
We put our tent up on the paved parking in front of our campsite. After we borrowed a shovel we started to look for the camping table and fire pit which had to be somewhere under the snow. When we finally found them we started the excavation, and after one hour of shoveling we ended up having a nice snow cave with table, benches and a fire pit. It actually was fun. Schnee
On day one we decided to take the southern ring of the 8-shaped ring road. Along the road are several places where one can watch geysers and other geothermal activities. Geyser
Old Faithful
At the geyser 'Old Faithful' we were not alone, of course, but after the 'show' the crowd disappeared quickly in the large area. The geyser erupts about every 45 minutes and is absolutely worth the wait. Old Faithful
The area around Old Faithful is very active and has lots of small and large geysers. A 2 mile walkway, mostly on wooden planks, leads along many geysers. Geyser
This walkway is really amazing, but many tourists only visit Old Faithful and then drive on. And that's good so, because this way there are not that many tourists on this short hike. hiking
Grizzly Bear
A Grizzly Bear! In the distance, but I wouldn't want to see one much closer, especially not near the campsite.

Buffalo/Bison on the road are not seldom, but as a motorcycle rider or pedestrian one should keep a distance, because these animals can be mean.

Buffalo Bison