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Colorado Trip 2009

one week

5274 km / 3296 miles


Early November 2009 I had to drive to Colorado Springs, to file some paperwork with a friend at the DMV to get a US-title for my motorcycle.
The whole thing is a long story, but to make it short: The Africa Twin was never sold in the US, and even Honda-USA has never heard of a Africa Twin. Therefore it is (nearly) impossible to get it titled here, but in a few states they still have a "back door" that allows to get a title, Colorado is one of them. A friend agreed to file the paperwork for me, but for the VIN-inspection by the state troopers the bike had to be in Colorado.
So, getting a appointment, packing, and off to Colorado.

Unfortunately I had only one week for the trip, because directly afterwards I had to start my first job in the US. Normally I would recommend at least 2-3 weeks for such a trip, and then some side roads and not only major highways and Interstates.


General Information
The best time for a trip to Colorado is certainly NOT November. Shortly before I left home, they had a snow storm north west of Denver, and the Interstates I80 and I25 were closed for several days. So I had to take a more southern route, which turned out to be much nicer anyway.

The road conditions were quite good, but on some passes they didn't manage to entirely remove the ice and snow.

From Portland, Oregon I drive east to Idaho, then further south. The landscape was rather flat and not really interesting. Idaho
In Utah the landscape quickly changed, and the driving became much more fun. Utah
Utah Piste
I didn't have much time on this trip, but I just had to do at least one of the beautiful side roads. So I had some fun on my one hour detour on this desert-dirt-road. Utah Piste
In Colorado it had snowed not only in Denver, and it was still quite cold. Colorado
Vail Pass Colorado
The Vail Pass (10,603 feet) was absolutely gorgeous, but very cold! Because of snow, ice and gravel on the road I couldn't have as much fun in the nice turns as I wanted to. Vail Pass Colorado