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Devil's Tower
Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Impressive remnants of a long dead volcano. Devil's Tower
In Montana the weather-luck left me. I was driving towards a pitch black wall of clouds, and the closer I came the stronger the wind blew. I was still lucky, because in summer this would have been tornado weather, so it was only strong wind and lots of rain. rainbow
The rain in Montana changed to snow on Lolo-Pass in Idaho. A cop stopped me to give me the latest weather report for the top of the pass. He said, he couldn't recommend driving further up, but the alternative routs wouldn't be better either. I drove in first gear with my feet an the ground, and that worked fine. Idaho
Further I drove through Washington in partly sonny, but windy weather.

At sunset I was back in Oregon. But it were still 4 hours of driving until home.

Winding road next 99 miles
The roads were really nice in some parts, e.g. in Utah, Colorado and the Lolo Pass (left) in Idaho.

Other roads were quite boring, e.g. in Nebraska (right), parts of South Dakota and Wyoming.

straight road

This trip was one week and 5274 km / 3296 miles

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