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Grabkammern A short side trip to the "Angel Mounds", just outside of Evansville, Indiana. It was an Indian village and ceremonial site.
Interessante Felsenz Family photo. From left: Maurica, Darrell (Jayne's brother), Mara Beth, Barry (Jayne's brother), me, Jayne, Kevin, Rhonda (Jayne's sister)
verzierte Grabkammern Darrel and Jayne in a "German" Bar in Evansville, Indiana. But when I ordered a Paulaner, the waitress just looked funny at me. They pronounce it totally different.
Felswände Our flight to Texas left from St. Louis, Missouri. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the "Gateway Arch". It is over 190m high and one can can take an elevator inside to a viewing area.

It is amazing that the Arch was never destroyed in a monster or disaster movie.

römische Ruinen Just before landing in Austin, Texas.
langer Aufstieg The Capitol, the building of the State Congress of Texas.
"Kloster" Since Austin is considered the live-misic-capital of the US, we ofcourse had to go and see a band. At "Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon" we saw Roger Wallace and his band, featuring Jim Stringer. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see more bands.
"Kloster" Jayne is angry that this monument shows Kentucky as a state of the Confederacy, since Kentucky acually fought for the North and stayed in the Union.