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Jayne afraid of heights Tioga Pass, 9945 feet high (3031m). Here it still was nearly 20C.
Serpentines The former gold mining town Bodie is today a very interesting ghost town.
elevaited plain The interior of many buildings in the ghost town is untouched. They purposely let the buildings rot on, but repair the roofs and the windows.
Rv13 Many roads in the dessert like backland are straight as a line.
stave church of Roldal Old, Indian rock carvings. For protection of vandalism, they are not marked on normal maps, but one does get a special map for free in the Ranger Station in Bishop.
rock slide Tufas at  Mono Lake. The Tufas are of volcanic origin and only grow under water. But most of the water in this areais, because of old contracts, lead to the far away city of Los Angeles. And even if there is a drought in this area, they still can and do water their lawn in L.A.
rock slide They way back via Sonora Pass, in the snow after a weather change. The pass usually gets closed at mid or end of September.

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