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Jayne afraid of heights The former prison Island Alcatraz.
Serpentines This is the inside of Alcatraz, where e.g. Al Capone served for some years.
elevaited plain There is a American submarine at the harbor at a pier near Fishermans Warf. Since we already had visited a Russian and a German submarine, we couldn't miss this one. There are often veterans on board, which are happy to answer questions.
Rv13 China-Town, should be included in every trip to San Francisco! One really feels like in China, because there are hardly any signs in English. It is perfect to go shopping and to have lunch/dinner!
stave church of Roldal Many roads in San Francisco are really as steep as it looks on TV.
rock slide Cable Cars, it is a must for every visitor. Also watch the driver a his hard work while driving. If you are technical interested, you should go to the Cable Car Museum, because there they do a good job on explaining how it all works.