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Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are quite similar from the outside, therefore I put up only one photo. Inside the tombs the colorful paintings are still nearly as bright as they were thousands of years ago. It is not allowed to take photos inside (to protect the colors and to sell postcards).

Luxor Museum

Also at the Luxor Museum it is only allowed to take photos without flash, that's why this one didn't turn out well. Other than at the Egypt Museum in Cairo they've got only few exhibits, but presented and lit very nicely.

Habu Tempel

The Medinet Habu Temple is not visited by many tourists (we were alone), even if it is more impressive than Luxor Temple.

Village of the workers

Eir el-Medina, the Worker's Village near Medinet Habu, their tombs are right next to the village. The paintings inside the tombs are different than in the Valley of the Kings, the life before death seemed to be more important to the workers.

Fire Dept. of Luxor
As a volunteer fire fighter I couldn't help it, I had to visit the Fire Dept. of Luxor. Fire trucks of Luxor

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