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The Sphinx The Sphinx at the Giza-Plateau, in the background on the left the Mykerinos Pyramid and on the right the Chefren Pyramid, the Cheops Pyramid is a little further on the right.
Egypt Museum Kairo Already the entrance hall of the Egypt Museum in Cairo is nearly packed with exhibits. Here, like everywhere, you have to pay 1-2 Euros if you want to take your camera (no flash), a video camera is 15-20 Euros!
Cairo from Cairo-Tower View at Cairo from Cairo-Tower. In the opposite direction one can see the Pyramids in the distance, but not very clear because of the smog.
Karnak Tempel The Karnak Temple is only a few kilometers outside of Luxor. For visiting the Temple you better plan with 2-3 hours.
Luxor Tempel The Luxor Temple (right inside the town) was former connected with the Karnak Temple by Sphinx Alley. Today one can see the alley only on a few sites, because the town was build on top of it. At night the temple is lit very nice, therefore I recommend to visit it at nightfall.
Hatschepsut's Tempel Hatshepsut's Temple should be on every tour and usually it is.

Note the massive crowds of tourists on this and the other photos!