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Step Pyramide Jayne and me in front of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.
Camel ride Of course we didn't miss to do a camel ride, actually it's only posing for the picture.
Tourist police As I said before, the tourist police are everywhere, "old fashioned" on a camel or modern by car.
Giza The famous three Pyramids of Giza. One year one can visit the Mykerinos Pyramid the next year the Chefren Pyramid, this changes every year. They let only about 150 people inside the Cheops Pyramid per day, this means you have to get up early! When we walked out again at about 8 a.m. it was already closed!!!
Me in front of the Cheops Pyramid Me in front of the Cheops Pyramid. If there wasn't these photos I would think it was a dream!
Great Galery The "Great Gallery" inside the Cheops Pyramid. This Pyramid is different than the others, not only because it is the biggest one, but it is the only one with chambers inside the Pyramid and not only under it. As far as we know by now...