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there are a few yellow/white buildings It is a stereotype that all buildings in Sweden are red/white -- there are also a few yellow/white ones! In the background again the mountain "Dundret".
border to Finland The border to Finland consist of a bridge with a empty cabin and a open toll bar on it.
new snow The white stuff on the trees is not the snow from last year, but the snow from the last 5 minutes!!!
turns are seldom Also in Finland turns are seldom and "good turns" are not available!
side roads are not paved And also here the small side-roads are not paved.

There is a speed limit of 90 km/h in Finland, but the problem is, they drive 90 it doesn't matter where and it doesn't matter what happens!!!

178.000 lakes in Finland This is one of the about 178.000 lakes in Finland. I would like to know who counted them?