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Scotland 2006

2 weeks

3,849 km

2,406 miles


Early September 2006 Jayne and I drove to Zeebrugge/Belgium, where we took a ferry to Hull (Kingston upon Hull) in north England (13 hours). From there we drove through North Yorks Moors up to Hadrians Wall. Then to Braemar and Inverness, and through the Highlands up to the north coast. In Thurso/Scrabster we took a ferry to Stromness on Orkney Mainland (1.5 hours). On our way back we drove again along the north coast to the west coast and then southwards. Ofcourse we didn't miss to take a side trip to the Isle of Skye and to Loch Ness. After we spent some time in Kilmartin, we had to drive on motorways from Glasgow to Hull, to catch our return ferry.

We only had 2 weeks for the trip, and we drove 3,849 km (2,406 miles). It sometimes was a bit of a rush, therefore I would recommend to take 3 weeks time for such a trip.

Recommended map:


Schottland from EuroCart/RV Verlag, scale 1:300.000
I used my old map from 2000, but I had to realize that it isn't very exact. Especially the points of interest are often in the wrong place by several kilometers. I hope the new versions are more exact.

Guide book: Lonely Planet Great Britain or  Lonely Planet Scotland
General information



The best time in year to go to the UK is May/June and September/October. In July/August it will be warmer but it also will rain more often.

There are lots of bugs in Scotland. They don't bother during the day, but in the evening, when the wind stops. Then the Midges come out and are more then annoying. Since they are really small, be sure to have a good Mosquito net on your tent.

In the UK they still don't have the Euro, and still don't want it. There are plenty of ATM's in Scotland, and credit cards are widely accepted too.

Important Scottish words:  loch = lake,  ben = mountain,  glen = valley

Camping in Scotland
Camping in Scotland is really no problem, since there are plenty of camp sites. Some wont accept tents, but only caravans and RVs, so be sure to look for a tent on the signs. Camping rough is not allowed, and because of the often boggy grounds not recommendable anyway. Camping in Scotland
Hadrians Wall Hadrian's Wall is a Roman wall that reaches from the east cost to the west coast. There are many Roman forts along the wall, and you shouldn't miss to visit at least a few of them!
near Braemar The road from Perth to Breamar and Aberdeen is a nice, windy road, which goes up a mountain with a winter-ski-area.
Frost on the motorcycle In September the nights can already get pretty cold. Especially in Breamar, which is on a high elevation.