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stone circle near Tarland There are many stone circles in Scotland and northern England. Here one near Tarland.
Scotische Highlands Somewhere in the Highlands. This is a typical single track road, as it can often be found.
Orkney Islands
On the Orkney Islands, or better on the Orkney Mainland.

The photos were taken at the Wideford Hill Cairn, a stone age grave.

Wideford Hill Cairn
standing stones of Stenness Standing stones of Stenness. They are stunningly thin.
Ring of Brodgar The Ring of Brodgar. A very large and impressive stone circle.
Italian Chapel
The Italian Chapel. It was build in world war II by Italian prisoners of war. It was renovated by the same people in the 60th.. Italienische Kapelle
Camster Round Cairn
Camster Round Cairn, near Wick. This are three stone age graves, where one can crawl into, but don't forget your flashlight. Camster Round Cairn