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west coast This is also a panorama at the west coast with a view to the inner Scotland.
Isle of Skye The Isle of Skye is absolutely worth to do a long side trip. You can go there old-fashioned by ferry or modern by bridge, it will both cost about 3 Pounds.
Comment Sep. 2006:
The ferry doesn't exist anymore, but now the bridge is free.

peneinsula Kintyre From the peninsula Kintyre goes a ferry to the little but beautiful Isle of Arran. If it's windy you should be strong, because it's not possible to fix the bike during the half hour sailing on this open air ferry.
Glen Lowther Before going back home you should do another side trip through the Glen Lowther to the highest Scottish village, Wanlockhead. This village is in the lowlands ! It's on a height of 1547 feet (471 m) !!! Above that there are only some little farms.
after the trip Before starting a trip like this you should get a new tire, you will drive more than you're thinking about. 

This trip through North England and Scotland took me over 6.527 km ! (4,079 miles)

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