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Highlands This photo could also be taken at the highlands in South America.
small track There are lots of small tracks near by the "main road" which you can't find on a map. But be careful: If you've got a problem at these roads you have to wait very long for help and it's impossible to use a mobile phone in the Highlands !!! About 300 m after taking this photo I got stuck in mud, but I could get the bike free again right at the end of my tether.
lonely road The asphalted roads in the Highlands are pretty and lonely enough.
Dunnet Head This is a view from Dunnet Head, the most northern point of the Scottish mainland
Whisky distillery One of the uncountable Whisky distilleries in Scotland. This one is "the worlds most northern Scottish distillery", it's on the Orkney Islands. At most of them is a tour available for 2 or 3 Pounds including a tasting after the tour.
west coast For going back to the south you should take the roads along the west coast, because this coast is very fissured and it has got lots of beautiful panoramas.