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stone pile It shall bring you luck to put a stone on a pile like this. Why not, there is no harm in doing that and there is enough time to do this on a holiday trip.
Loch Lochy A typical single track road which you can find all over Scotland. This is at the lakeside of Loch Lochy.
Loch Ness This is the famous Loch Ness (without the monster Nessy). It's like a normal lake, but it's about 40 km long. There is a nice tiny road at the east lakeside and a big road like a motorway at the west lakeside.
Carbisdale Castle Carbisdale Castle, the most beautiful youth hostel I've ever seen !!! You should stay there a night! Bed and breakfast is available for only about 13 Pounds.
not a museum but a youth hostel This is not a museum but the hall of the youth hostel. But they've also got only the normal 4 and 6-bed-rooms.
Highlands The road at the Highlands seems to be never ending or as they would take you direct into the nowhere. And the best is, there is no traffic ! If you meet a car every half hour this must be the rush-hour.