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On mid of July I drove, the first time together with Jayne, from Germany through Denmark to Hirtshals, from where we took the ferry to Kristiansand in Norway. After a rough ferry trip we drove north to Lysebotn, Stavanger, Roldal, Lom and Briksdal, then up to Dalsnibba and Geiranger Fjord.

On our way back we did side trips to Lillehammer, Tanumshede and Höör, before we then took the Öresund-Bridge back to Denmark and Germany.

Tip: There is always traffic jam along the E6 at the Border between Norway and Sweden, because they build a new bridge there! This will take at least until 2006. But it is easy to avoid the traffic jam by using small side roads, and the landscape is more beautiful there anyway.

Tip: As a place to stay in Kristiansand  I can highly recommend the following place with sea view:

Gerd Reibra (Aunt Gerd), Sorlibakken 16, N-4621 Kristiansand, Phone: Norway-38 01 13 73
She is a really nice old woman, speaks English, German and some other languages, and she has a lot to tell about her travels, a long time ago! She should write a book!

Recommended maps: Norway sheet 1 and 2 from Kümmerly+Frey, scale 1:325.000

                                     South-Sweden-West from Kümmerly+Frey, scale 1:300.000

Guide book:  Lonely Planet Norway or Lonely Planet Scandinavian Europe


General information


my flat during planing

The best time to travel through Norway is May through August. But in May you still have to expect a lot of snow. In September it often rains and sometimes it already snows.

One still can't pay with Euro in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but even in small towns it is possible to pay with credit card (best Visa).

About getting petrol/gas: Many people say that you have to carry fuel with you, but I had no problems with my 16-liter-tank. Some stations in Sweden are only machines, meaning that you have to pay with EC- or credit card and then try to figure the Swedish operating manuel.

About Mosquitoes: Yes, in summer there are a lot of Mosquitoes, especially near lakes. But this was my third trip to Norway and I again did not get bitten, nor did Jayne.

About Speed limits: On Norway's country roads is a speed limit of 80 km/h, sometimes 90. Speeding is very expensive in Norway, and there are lots of speed cameras !!!

Navy memorial Our first stop was at the Navy memorial in Kiel-Laboe (Germany). Inside the memorial are two large, impressive walls, covered in symbols for every ship that sunk during the two world wars.
U995 Underneath the memorial lays the old submarine U995, and awaits visitors. After WW II it first served for some years for the Norwegian Navy, before they gave it back to Germany as a gift.
trial of repair Already while driving through Denmark the speedometer failed once more. We tried several times, but couldn't get a new speedometer cable in Denmark, so we drove on to Norway. In Kristiansand we finally found a bike shop, but they needed the old one as a sample, therefore I had to dismount it. After doing that I realized that the cable wasn't broken, that could only mean that the plastic gear wheel at the front wheel had given up. Of course this part wasn't available in Norway, and it would have taken 2 to 3 weeks to get it. So, I decided to drive on without speedometer (wasn't the first time anyway).
Rv45 towards Stavanger Along the Rv45 from Evje towards Stavanger. The landscape of this elevated plain is just fantastic, even - or because of the missing of any trees.