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rock carvings of Tanumshede Another side trip to the rock carvings of Tanumshede/Sweden.
camping-cabin In Norway and also in Sweden one finds everywhere camping cabins (Norwegian: Hytter) like this one, and they cost 40-60 Euros per day. They are furnished with 2-4 beds, table, chairs, fridge and cooking-plates (most of them have dishes too). The beds come with mattresses, but mostly without pillows and blankets, so bring a sleeping bag!
No space! I was often asked why I don't take Jayne on the trips. Then I usually showed this photo and replied "Where?"
self-made luggage rack For this trip I folded a stainless steel sheet and fixed it to the luggage rack. Honda says that one should under no circumstances put more than 9 kg on it, but it also worked with about 30!

This trip took  2 weeks and ended after about 4,600 km (2,875 miles)

(distance calculated with a route-planer, because the speedometer failed once more)

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