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Jayne afraid of heights High above Lysebotn and the Lysefjorden. Jayne looks a bit clenched, afraid of elevation!?!

From here one can hike in about 3 hours to the famous Preikestolen.

Serpentines This is then the fantastic road down to Lysebotn.
elevaited plain Here you see the road to the above mentioned view point. It starts in Suleskar, and runs through a nice elevated plain.
Rv13 From Stavanger we drove on along the Rv13 northwards. On maps the Rv13 looks like a big main road, but in reality it is for the most part a nice little road, sometimes even a single track road.
stave church of Roldal The stave church of Roldal is from the 12. century, and it's really worth to see.
rock slide We had to do a little "rest" here, because of a rock slide -- for 2 hours!