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In August/September 1999 I did my first trip to Great Britain. The ferry took me from Oostend in Belgium to Dover, where I started the trip along the south coast to Landsend. After that I drove to the north also along the coast up to Wales.

Ofcourse I didn't miss to take some side trips to Stonehenge, through Dartmoor and Exmoor.

The red triangles shown on the map are youth hostels with their location. To stay a night will cost about 10 Pounds, sleeping in a tent is the only way to get a cheaper stay.

Recommended map: Kümmerly+Frey, sheet 1 to 3, scale 1:200.000 each

Guide book: Lonely Planet Great Britain or Lonely Planet England

General information

The best time in year to go to the UK is May/June and September/October. In July/August it will be warmer but it also will rain more often.

Driving on the left side is much easier than I thought, after 2 or 3 days it's absolutely normal. You only have to be careful after a rest on a lonely road.

White Cliffs Of Dover

On this picture you can see the White Cliffs Of Dover by sunset.

You should try to get a earlier ferry, because it's much easier to drive the first time on the left side if there is still daylight. And it's also easier to find a bed for the night in a unknown town.

no sand beaches There are no sand beaches at the south coast, except in some very touristy towns like Brighton. There they made a man-made sand beach.
Stonehenge There are many tourists at Stonehenge (a few miles to the north from Salisbury), but it's still really worth to see it.
natural tunnel The side roads in Cornwall and Devon are often "natural tunnel".