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high hedgerow At many roads you can't see the beautiful landscape because of the high hedgerow, not even while standing on a high offroad bike.
endless, empty beaches The beaches in Cornwall seems to be endless and they are absolutely empty. So you could go swimming naked and nobody would see you, but the Atlantic Ocean is quite cold.
costal road At some costal roads it's not forbidden to drive, but you should get a offroad bike to do that ! The road on this photo is nearly as good as a motorway but it will get much worse !!!
tiny road There are also some roads where you wonder for which vehicles they are built. But people drive along this tiny road with cars what you can see at lots of scratches at the walls.
Dartmoor The Dartmoor is a really beautiful high moor. But be careful: There are many sheep on the roads, and they like to cross the road a few meters in front of you. Therefore they are called Crazy Sheep.
marvellous landscape If you've saved another sheep of doing suicide you can recover from the shock in this marvelous landscape.