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along the N260 At the N260 between La Seu d'Urgel (E) und Sort (E).
near Castejon de Sos N260 near Castejon de Sos (E).

The N260 is nearly on it's full length a lovely winding road, but only nearly and not for much longer, because they started to rebuild it motorway (freeway) like.

San Juan del la Pena San Juan del la Pena (E) is a beautiful, small monastery, that was build under a ledge. It is at a small side road of the N240 near Jaca (E).
village on a hill Many villages are build on hills, like this one.
Placa de Torros Placa de Torros (bull fighting arena) in SangŁesa (E) with barriers for the bull run, that I missed by only a few hours.
Rio Salazar Rio Salazar (E) at the N178.