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beautiful mountains of southern Bulgaria Southern Bulgaria has lots of beautiful mountains. Riding on the mostly good roads is really fun! beautiful mountains of southern Bulgaria
Rozenski-Monastary near Melnik, Bulgaria
The Rozenski-Monastary near Melnik, Bulgaria is worth a visit, but the surrounding landscape is even prettier (left photo).

Melnik, Bulgaria itself is a nicely renovated village with lots of restaurants and bars. Here one can buy good, cheap Bulgarian wine in 3-Liter plastic bottles (right photo).

Melnik, Bulgaria
Roman ruins with beautiful mosaics in Macedonia
There are lots of Roman ruins with beautiful mosaics in Macedonia, as well as in Bulgaria. 
left photo: "Stobi" about 10 km north of Negotino, Macedonia (GPS: N41 33.025 E21 58.494)
right photo: "Heraclea Lyncestis" in Bitola, Macedonia (GPS: N41 00.682 E21 20.601)
Roman ruins with beautiful mosaics in Macedonia
Sveti Naum Bulgaria
There is a lot to see at the Ohrid Lake: the nice old town of Ohrid, of course the surrounding mountains and the lake itself, and last but not least, "Sveti Naum," south towards the Albanian border. Sveti Naum is (from the inside) the most interesting orthodox church that we visited on this trip (left photo). Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to explore some of the promising-looking mountain roads. Ohrid lake
Bunkers in Albania
Bunkers, bunkers and even more bunkers, everywhere - this can only be Albania! On mountains or at the beach, one can see them everywhere, there are more than 600,000 of them! They are very hard to remove, and nobody has the money to do it, so they stay as silent reminders of a crazy dictator. Bunkers in Albania
mountain roads in Albania
The mountain roads in Albania are very pretty and mostly in drivable conditions. Not good but drivable. mountain roads in Albania
Butrint, Albania
In Butrint, Albania we weren't the only ones who wanted to visit the Roman ruins. And the ruins are really worth a visit! (GPS: N39 44.629 E20 01.122) A motorcycle group from Bulgaria and a couple on their bikes from Austria were already there, when we arrived. (left photo)

The ferry at Butrint is a real attraction! (right photo)

ferry at Butrint, Albania