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Sighisoara, Romania The old town of Sighisoara, Romania is interesting, but quite run down. When we were there all the streets had been torn up (work on the sewage system). If you are near by you can visit, but otherwise I recommend to see Sibiu or Brasov instead.
Sarmizegetusa Regia ruins Romania
The "Sarmizegetusa Regia"ruins of the ancient Dacia in Romania (before Roman times) are absolutely worth seeing, for people that are interested in such things. But the road leading there is nearly undriveable and requires a bit of off-road experience. It is advisable not to take the luggage when you go up the steep dirt road. (GPS: N45 37.236 E23 18.429) Sarmizegetusa Regia ruins Romania
village street in Romania
Typical village streets in Romania. Horse drawn carriages and freely running animals of all kinds are everywhere. Therefore drive very carefully, especially in turns, and it is advisable not to drive at night. village street in Romania
Fagaras Mountains, Romania
The pass over the Fagaras Mountains in Romania is a great experience - not only because of the lack of crash barriers. The turns and views are just great! BUT the road condition is good only on the northern side; the southern side is riddled with pot holes.

One year later, in 2009, the British TV show "Top Gear" called it 'The best road in the world'.

Fagaras Mountains, Romania
Vulcanii noroiosi in Romania The volcanic area "Vulcanii noroiosi" in Romania. Unfortunately it is not possible to visit while it rains or after a rain, because one would destroy the grounds. The mud is unbelievably sticky. For that reason I've got only a photo from the distance. (GPS: N45 20.230 E26 42.330)
briefing and debriefing

left photo: Every evening we had a "briefing and debriefing", preferably with a good beer: writing our travelogues and discussing where to go to the next day.

right photo: Regular maintenance (checking the oil and the chain) is also part of the trip.

Regular maintenance at the Africa Twin
beach at Constanta, Romania The beach in Romania (here at Constanta) does not really invite for a swim, because of all the trash. We decided not to swim, because who knows what is in the water. No thanks!