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It was end of May 2001 when I drove from Germany through Denmark up to Skagen, then a little to the south again to Frederickshavn where I took a ferry to Göteborg in Sweden. After that I drove along the road E6 to the north. Ofcourse I didn't miss to take some side trips to the Juvass Hytta, Geiranger Fjord and Trollstiegen. Further along the E6 across the Arctic Circle to Bodo. There I took the Hurtigrouten to get to the Lofoten. Again along the E6 through Troms until there was the crossing with the E69 which took me to the Northcape.

The way back was planed to go through Sweden, but I had to change this plan because of technical problems with the bike (I lost the slide-protection between chain and rocker arm). You have to order all bike-replacement parts in Oslo and it will take at least 4-5 days to get them at the Arctic Circle. Because of that I took a complete roll of tape on the rocker arm and started to go the shortest way back home. This means along the E6 to Oslo, then a Ferry to Kiel in Germany then on the Motorway back home. Maybe it was possible to get the replacement parts in Oslo or Kiel, but I thought it can't get much worse on the last few hundred km after more than 2000km sliding sounds.

Recommended map: Norway Sheet 1-5 from Kümmerly+Frey, scale 1:325.000

Guide book:  Lonely Planet Norway or Lonely Planet Scandinavian Europe

General information


Nobody really knows which is the best time in year to go to Norway. May and June should be the time with least rain (but that is not right every year, as I had to find out). July and August it's normally a little warmer but then there are lots of mosquitoes. In September they've got their autumn with lots of rain. from October to April there is winter with ice and snow.

From June to August you can see the midnight-sun, this means it won't get dark at all. But in winter it is Dark all day and night, but then you can see the polar lights (with a little luck).

Denmark, Sweden and Norway won't get the Euro-money, but you can pay with credit cards (best with Visa), also in small towns.

Getting fuel: Many people say that you have to carry fuel with you, but I hadn't problems with my 16-liter-tank, and so I brought my 5-liters back home. You will find a fuel-station about every 150-200km, but don't miss one of them.

Speed limits: On Norway's country roads is a speed limit of 80 km/h sometimes 90. Speeding is very expensive in Norway and there are lots of speed cameras !!!


Denmark There are lots of this "Wind-Parks" in Denmark.

Denmark is quite flat and roads with lovely turns are seldom, so it's not the best country to go by bike. 

Skagen This is Skagen, the most northern point of Denmark and it's also the point where North Sea and Baltic Sea flow together.
ferry to Sweden Sunset on a ferry between Denmark and Sweden. If it's possible you should get a earlier ferry, because then it's easier to find a bed for the night.
lake near Lillehammer One of uncountable lakes in Norway. This one is near Lillehammer. In southern Norway they've got only small mountains.

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