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Troms In the area Troms you can see a complete different panorama after each turn and one is more beautiful than the other.
elk-warning-signs There are lots of this famous elk-warning-signs. I didn't see an elk on this trip, but ...
reindeers behind a turn ... reindeers behind turns are shocking enough !!! And don't think that they will run away !
close to the North Cape The closer you will get to the North Cape the less the vegetation will get ...
cold area ... and it also won't get warmer.
gravel roads are seldom The road to the Cape is also a tarred road, gravel roads are seldom and only on tiny side roads.

The North Cape!!!

The North Cape !!! The left photo was taken at midnight at the lowest point of the sun. It only looks dark because the photo was taken directly into the sun. It was bright like by day as you can see at the photo above this (it was taken a few minutes earlier).

Right side: Here you can see the North Cape-plateau. (Picture by Dieter Klaus)

North Cape-plateau

Midnight sun!

Midnight sun! This photo was taken by Ulrich Volk with multiple exposure.


Not anymore permissible!

after the trip!

This trip took me 3 weeks and 7.523 km (4,702 miles).

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