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Monument of the Arctic Circle The Monument of the Arctic Circle. It's standing in the snow, ofcourse.
unusual ferry trip A little unusual this ferry trip. The bike was inspected for damages before and after the trip by the captain himself.

From Bodo I took the Hurtigruten (old post ships sailing along the coast) to the Lofoten. The normal ferry sails only two times a week, but then it's a little cheaper.

Lofoten On the Lofoten there are only a few meters with quite flat land between the sea and the steep mountains. 
air dried fish Air dried fish seems to be a special of the Lofoten, because you can see hundreds of these racks where fish is put on to dry. I think I don't need to describe how it smells there.
the worlds shortest town-name I think this is the worlds shortest town-name, it belongs to the most southern town of the Lofoten.
cottage There are lots of cabins (Norwegian Hytte) like this one. There are 2-4 beds, stove and fridge inside. It costs about 20-25 Euros for a night, sometimes it costs only the half price for a single driver. There's a other cabin with showers and toilets inside, often You have to pay for warm water (75 Euro-cent for 5 minutes). And you have to carry your own sleeping-bag with you.