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lake near Lillehammer A lake at the Rv15 (country road 15) to Lom. The mountains are already getting bigger.
along Rv55 It's absolutely worth to do a side trip from Lom along the Rv55.
Juvass Hytta The Juvass Hytta is the highest point in Norway you can drive to (1850m). You don't need a offroad bike to go there, but it's recommendable. Anyway, you should have got enough profile on your tire, because the mud-gravel-road sometimes is very steep.
beautiful view From here you've got a really beautiful view, if it stops snowing for a moment.
church of Lom The famous church of Lom you can find in every guide-book but you have to pay a entrance-fee.
Skjat There isn't a lot of vegetation in the early spring along the Rv15 through Skjak, but I liked it the way it was.