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At the beginning of May 2000 I took the ferry from Hook van Holland to Harwich. After that I drove on small by-roads along the east coast to the north up to Whitby. From there my Honda Dominator took me through the national parks of North Yorks Moors, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District to the west coast. Then I drove towards the east coast again, through the Border Forest Park and Northumberland, and then up to Scotland.

On my way back from Scotland I did a short side trip to the Peak District before I had to drive back home after 3 weeks and more than 6000 km.

The red triangles shown on the map are youth hostels with their location. To stay a night will cost about 10 Pounds, sleeping in a tent is the only way to get a cheaper stay.

Recommended map: Kümmerly+Frey, sheet 4,7 and 8, scale 1:200.000 each

Guide book: Lonely Planet Great Britain or Lonely Planet England

General information The best time in year to go to the UK is May/June and September/October. In July/August it will be warmer but it also will rain more often.
North Yorks Moors  

There is a lot of agriculture at the English west coast and because of that it's not very interesting. For that reason the photos start at North Yorks Moors, this is a huge high moor.


unusual road Sometimes it's really unusual how they built the roads and I didn't see any winding roads.
Yorshire Dales Like on this photo at the Yorshire Dales there are stone walls along the by-roads and along the borders of their properties.
low density of population There is only a low density of population at this grandiose landscape and sometimes you don't meet other people for a long time.