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Lake District Like the name says there are lots of little lakes at the Lake District, but there are also some small mountains. The roads to this mountains have got lovely turns, but the landscape is too beautiful to drive fast.
Borrowdale near Keswick You shouldn't miss the Borrowdale near Keswick in the south of the Lake District.
too cold to go swimming Most of the lakes are too cold to go swimming.
Border Forest Park To the north you'll find the Border Forest Park at the Scottish "border", it's absolutely worth to do a side trip.
gravel roads There are some gravel roads in this national park, but you don't need a off road bike to drive them.
Northumberland At Northumberland you can see beautiful landscapes without mass tourism.
Peak District The Peak District is also beautiful, except you go there on a weekend. On holidays and weekends there are thousands of people (all with their cars) from the big cities Manchester and Sheffield which are not far away. So at this times it's absolutely crowded and there are lots of traffic jams (I hate it).

This trip through north England and Scotland took me over 6.527 km!

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