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Map Belize Motorcycle Trip 2023

15 day, 10 day with bikes
1088 km / 680 miles

Most people don't know much, if anything, about Belize. All I knew before the trips was that they have lots of Mayan ruins, which is something Jayne and myself are very much interested in. Apparently most tourist visit Belize for the beaches, diving and snorkeling, which is not our cup of tea. Belize is so much more than either of these things.

We flew into Belize City and immediately took a tiny plane from Maya Airlines to Dangriga, 15 min flight. From there we hired a driver to Hopkins. In Hopkins we stayed at the Crash Pad hostel and then rode our rented motorcycles to San Ignacio where we stayed at Hotel Midas. From there we explored the area and visited Caracol, Xunantunich and Cahal Pech. We crossed the border into Guatemala (without motorcycles) and stayed at Hotel Isla de Flores in Flores. The next day we visited Tikal and returned to San Ignacio. We rode our motorcycles down to Punta Gorda and visited more Mayan from there. On our way up to Orange Walk we encountered some issues with the bikes and returned to Hopkins instead. From there we went to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park to do some zip lines and also visited the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve before flying back to Belize City and then back home.

Besides beaches Belize offers caves both for spelunking and tubing, ziplines, swimming holes, Mayan ruins, hiking, bird watching, snorkeling and diving at coral reefs, and so much more.
Everybody speaks English in Belize (formerly called British-Honduras) and US Dollar is accepted everywhere. The exchange rate US$ to BZ$ is 1:2. ATM's can be hard to find and/or often don't work. Credit cards are not widely accepted, so bring a good amount of cash.
Belize is a very diverse country. Besides expats from many countries you'll meet Garifuna, Mayans and Hispanics.

The best time for such a trip is December through March. January and February are the height of the dry season. April through July is very hot. August through November is Hurricane season. Even dry season still leaves you with regular, heavy but short rain showers. It's the tropics and rain forest after all.

The road conditions are generally good for the few paved highways. All other roads are unpaved dirt roads, which will get very muddy quickly after a rain shower. In the rainy season many of these dirt roads are slick with deep mud or simply impassable. Dirt roads often have potholes and everybody swerves widely to avoid them. Speed bumps are common but usually well marked.

In terms of safety we had no problems and always felt safe, even when walking trough towns after nightfall. If you are not leaving your stuff on the bike while sightseeing and in general are aware of petty thefts, like anywhere, you are very likely okay. Motorcycles on the roads are respected by the vast majority of car and truck drivers, as small bikes are a means of transport for many locals.
Alternate Adventures and Crash Pad, Belize
We rented two motorcycles from Emma at Alternate Adventures in Hopkins, Belize.She offers a few different bikes and we decided to go with Honda XR150L's because they offer the lowest seat height (for my wife) and because I prefer Honda over Lifan/Meilun. Alternate Advetures Motorcycle Rental, Belize
Alternate Advetures Motorcycle Rental, Belize
Emma, pictured on the left,  also runs a small hostel in the same building, which was very convenient for us. We stayed there 3 nights before setting off on the motorcycles. This gave us time to get a little acclimated, sort out a few things and see and experience the town of Hopkins. Crash Pad Hostel, Belize
Crash Pad Hostel, Belize
Emma's hostel, the Crash Pad in Hopkins, Belize, has only a few rooms.The one we got was pretty small, but was nicely decorated and was really everything we needed. We pretty much used it only to sleep anyway. We spent more time on the roof-top patio, which is the common area with fridge, microwave, dishes, sink and hammocks. Crash Pad Hostel, Belize
Snorkeling Trip with Noawel's, Belize
We hadn't planned to do much at the sea at all, but then decided it would be a shame to miss a snorkeling trip. At Emma's recommendation we booked a half-day (4 hours) boat trip with Noawel's in Hopkins, Belize to snorkel at the reef. I'm so glad we did it, as it was a fun experience. But I'm also glad we didn't book a full day, because we were totally sunburned after the 4 hours already, and yes, we used sunscreen. Snorkeling Trip with Noawel's, Belize

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