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Honda XR150L

Honda XR150L Review

At the end of January 2023 I rented two Honda XR150L's for myself and my wife for 10 days in Belize. The rental place offers a few different motorcycles and we decided to go with Honda XR150L's because they offer the lowest seat height (for my wife) and because I prefer Honda over Lifan/Meilun.. The bikes had 10k+ and 12k+ km on the clock when we got them. We rode these bikes for 1088 km (680 miles) on paved highways and small, unpaved side roads.

Honda XR150L
Looks + Sound:
The Honda XR150L sure looks small, but not like a moped small. It looks like a small off-road capable motorcycle, which is exactly what it is.
The bike is nicely quiet, as you would expect from a Honda, but develops a good sound once you twist the throttle.
Honda XR150L
Honda XR150L
Seat + Tank:
The seat is fairly comfortable but after several hours in the seat my butt hurt like on any bike. The seating position was relaxed and comfortable. I'm 5'11" (180cm) and I found it to be good fit for me, even though I would have liked bar raisers for the standing position.
The tank has 12 liter capacity (3 gal), but it is fuel efficient and gives you a good range of around 300 km (200 miles).
Honda XR150L
Honda XR150L
The Honda XR150L has just below 150 cc, therefore I didn't expect it to be a racing bike. It had no problem going 80-90 km/h (50-55 mph). The top speed is around 100 km'h (60 mph). Even at higher speeds the bike didn't vibrate too much and always felt stable.
The gears are precise and it's easy to shift and even to find neutral. The brakes aren't the greatest, especially the drum rear, but they are adequate for a bike this size.
Honda XR150L
Honda XR150L
What I hated:
The cold start-up is a bit of a procedure. The choke is on the carb, you push it up, start the bike, then put the chock half down and slightly rev the engine for a couple of minutes. Then you can take the choke off and start riding. When the bike is warm, even after standing an hour or two, you can just press the starter button.
I like the idea of having a kick-starter in addition to the electric starter, just in case, but while standing the kick-starter was always in my way. Often enough I accidentally pulled it down a little with my leg and heard that bad ratcheting noise.
Honda XR150L
Honda XR150L
We had plenty of opportunities of riding the bikes on unpaved roads, some were better than others. We rode on rough roads, mud and broken up pavement. The bikes did well. With the low seat height my wife had much more confidence in rough sections than she has on her taller KLR at home. Easily being able to flat-foot the bike certainly has it's advantages. They aren't real dirt bikes, but they performed well even with the little power they have. The suspension is okay, no real complaints. Again, these bikes are not meant for the Dakar, but they get you through about everything you throw at them, within reason.
Honda XR150L
I like the Honda XR150L very much and so does my wife, she now wants one. I totally see why these motorcycles are so popular in Asia. They would be a great beginner motorcycle or even a commuter bike.

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