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Cabana in Hopkins, Belize
For the last three nights in Belize we had booked a Cabana in Hopkins at Latitude Adjustment. While the cabanas are nice and the small pool is too, there are two big downsides. The Cabanas do NOT have air conditioning (besides a floor fan and ceiling fan) and there is no drinking water supplied. Both of these items have been available at every other, much cheaper, place we stayed at. Therefore we cannot recommend this place.
Cabana in Hopkins, Belize
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize
We rode our motorcycles from Hopkins, Belize to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. We were thinking about maybe doing river tubing there, but ultimately decided against it (we saw too many people with totally cooked legs).  Instead we just did a short hike through the park.
On the way out we saw a family of howler monkeys in the trees along the road. It was fun to watch them.
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize
Beach in Hopkins, Belize
On our last day in Belize we rented bicycles and rode them to the south-end of Hopkins where all the beach-front resorts are that we can't afford. The beach front in all of Belize is public, and so we went for a swim in the ocean at one of the resorts. We used their furniture for a little while as most of them were empty and nobody kicked us out. Later we rode the bicycles back to town and enjoyed some Nice Cream. Great last day in Belize.
We enjoyed this trip so much that we already miss Belize!
Beach in Hopkins, Belize
Drinking Water
One last tip:
It's very warm and humid in Belize and you'll sweat a lot. Hydrating is very important and therefore we always carry plenty of drinking water, especially in remote areas like Caracol. We used a few bottles that we refilled and a 1 gallon water bag. The bag was great as it's very small when empty, but it's cumbersome to attach to the motorcycle. I'm sure a water bag from MSR as shown on the right would have worked better.
We don't really like constantly wearing a backpack, otherwise CamelBak hydration packs would certainly work well too.

15 days total,  10 days on bikes, 1088 km,  680 miles

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