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Ruta 5 going north to San Felipe, Mexico
We turned off onto Ruta 5, towards San Felipe, which as of spring 2020 is completely paved. The turn-off is not marked in any way. Maybe they'll put up a sign in the future, but for now you have to know where it is and where it goes. Ruta 5 going north to San Felipe, Mexico
Gonzaga Bay, Baja, Mexico
Earlier we had overheard somebody talking about Gonzaga Bay, and since we weren't crazy about Bahia de los Angeles, we decided to head that way. The hotel, the only one, is right on the beach, reachable only by a long, sandy road. On the main road there is a gate with guard next to the gas station. The hotel Alfonsinas is a little more schick than we'de like, but it was a great location.
Hotel Alfonsina, Gonzaga Bay, Baja, Mexico
Gonzaga Bay, Baja, Mexico
We really enjoyed walking on the empty beach and looking at the other side of the bay with our monocular (half the weight and bulk of binoculars). Gonzaga Bay, Baja, Mexico
Ruta 5, Baja, Mexico
The scenery along Ruta 5 is quite different from the rest of Baja. It's much more sandy and even has different species of cactus. The road is in great conditions, until just before San Felipe, where it turns into a pothole nightmare. Ruta 5, Baja, Mexico
Hotel Las Palmas, Baja, Mexico
We had a hotel recommendation for San Felipe from friends, but it turned out to be a $120 a night hotel. We looked for a different one and stayed at Las Palmas, as their only guests. The hotel was OK and in walking distance to the malecon. San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
San Felipe is clearly a spring break beach town. But due to COVID-19 there were hardly any tourists. I'm sorry for the locals, but we liked it so much better this way.

We watched the fishermen launch their boats, which was quite impressive.
San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Ruta 3 to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico
We continued north on Ruta 5 and then took Ruta 3 west, towards Ensenada. This road is actually quite nice, a little winding going over the mountians. Ruta 3 to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico