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Ruta del Vino, Baja Mexico
From Tecate we rode the Ruta del Vino to Ensenada.

We didn't like Ensenada much, too much of a tourist party town for us. We were looking for a recommended hostel that we couldn't find and ended up staying in a hotel that you pay by the hour. We didn't get much sleep as the pimps loudly talked all night in front of our door.
Ruta 1, Baja California
We rode our motorcycles south along Ruta 1 through a nice landscape.

Just south of San Quintin we saw signs for The Old Mill hotel, which turned out to be very nice. They often have groups, thankfully not that night, and it can get quite loud at night, as they told us.
The Old Mill hotel in San Quintin
Ruta 1, Baja California
The further south we went the better the landscape got. Unfortunately the weather didn't comply. It rained often with many heavy showers.
It was surreal to ride in the desert with cacti all around in the pouring rain.
Pouring rain in the desert
Catavina, gas-gap, Baja
The infamous 200 mile gas-gap south of El Rosario wasn't a problem for us, as we have enough range with our bikes. They are selling gas/petrol out of barrels and canisters in Catavina (left photo) and at the intersection to Bahia de los Angeles (right photo). We went to Bahia de los Angeles to stay the night and they actually have two gas stations there.
We came across Mexicans that ran out of gas in their car just a mile or so before Catavina, so we helped them out with one of our spare fuel cans, which we always carry on any trip. We were disappointed that they didn't even thank us.
Guy selling gas out of his truck
Riding towards Bahia de los Angeles
The ride to Bahia de los Angeles was nice and winding. The town itself wasn't impressive.It was getting late, so we decided to find a hotel in town. The first one we tried was full, the second one was way up a hill on a steep dirt road and we decided that it was too far from restaurants. We picked another one right on the beach along a sandy dirt road. Sandy dirt road at Bahia de los Angeles
Hotel Villa Bahia, Baja California
The hotel Villa Bahia was OK, but we were the only guests and they had hardly any food in the restaurant and threw something together for us. They offered us wine, but then didn't have any, and had only a few cans of beer left. A group had cancelled due to COVID-19 and another Canadian group had left early, so I guess they didn't expect any new guests.
They are clearly used to motorcycle travellers as they immediately said we could park the bikes inside the small courtyard.
Otherwise the hotel was OK and the bay is really nice.
Bahia de los Angeles
Baja California Sur "border"
Further south on Ruta 1 we crossed the "border" from Baja California to Baja California Sur.

The weather still had some rain showers for us, which made the road construction sites quite muddy.
Muddy road construction site