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route to Iceland

route on Iceland

At the beginning of August 2002 I drove from Germany to Hirtshals in Denmark, where I took a ferry to Kristiansand in Norway. Then I toured through south-Norway for two days to catch the ferry from Bergen to Seyðisfjördur in Iceland. Finally in Iceland I drove counter-clockwise along the ring road, but I also did some side-trips to Ðettifoss, Gulfoss, Gysir Blue Lagoon and to the West-Fjords. Ofcourse I didn't miss to do some Highland-trips, Laugafell, Langjökull, Landmannalaugar and Askja. For the way back I took again the ferry, but this time direct to Hanstholm in Denmark and then I drove 1000km back to the Westerwald.


Recommended map: Íslandskort sheet 1-4 from Mál og menning, scale 1:300.000

Guide book:  Lonely Planet Iceland

Generally informations



Gas stations

map with all fuel-/petrol-/gas-stations




The best time to go to Iceland is the short summer, this means from early June to the end of August. But many highland-tracks are closed until mid of July and after mid of September they are closed again.

You don't necessarily need a off-road-bike for a trip in Iceland, but it is highly recommendable, because even the ring road (the main road) is only paved with tar by 80%.

Paying with credit-cards is no problem in Iceland, not even in villages or for amounts less than 5 Euro.

Getting fuel: There are plenty of gas-stations along the ring road, but there are none in the highlands! This means that you have to carry extra-gas with you and you have to plan the route by gas-stations. And don't forget that you will need more gas than normal on the highland-tracks, because you often have to drive in 2nd. and 3rd. gear. Be aware: Many petrol-/gas-stations are only machines, where you have to pay by credit-card (often only Visa accepted)! At "normal" gas-stations there is often no self-service and the people are not used to fill up bikes, so, you have to make sure that they really fill it up to the top!

Opposite you will find a map with all fuel-/petrol-/gas-stations in Iceland. I can send you this map in a printable quality by e-mail.   I've got maps of camping-sites and youth-hostels too.

About the ferry to Iceland: There is only one! (also see my links) I had problems with online-booking and as I heard others too, so better ask them for a local office: The ferry sails on a strange route: Hanstholm(DK), Shetland, Faröer, Bergen(N), Shetland, Faröer, Seyðisfjördur(IS), this means 4 days Denmark-Iceland with a 2 day stay on Faröer or 2 days Norway-Iceland. The only alternative is to put the bike in a box and ship it with a freighter, or you can fly it in if you've got too much money.

If you want to leave the ring road you should be prepared to find often traffic signs like these, and they are not kidding!!!

south Norway Also south-Norway is worth a trip -- I will come back!

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view like on Mars

After two days on a ferry finally land -- Iceland!

Already after a few kilometers on the ring road (No.1) one feels like put on Mars!