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stone desert Stone-desert and highland-track to Askja.
no bridges in the highlands There are no bridges in the highlands, but lots of creeks and small rivers! I highly recommend to bring high boots, because it is very important to go through the water first to find the most shallow ford and it is no fun to do this barefoot in glacier-water (but there are also a few really warm creeks). But sometimes there is simply no way back, I came to this river after driving about 230km through the highlands. Next gas-station 5km behind the river! Or 230km back? How?
Hverir Hverir, geothermal area with boiling mud-pools, boiling water-pools and steam-fountains.
it stinks like sulfur It stinks really awfully like sulfur in this area! Did I already mention that mostly the warm water at showers smells like sulfur?! So, I was never sure if I smelled worse before or after taking a shower!

You can view more photos of my Iceland trip on Flickr.

This trip ended after 6,812km (4,258miles), 4,153km (2,596miles) of them in Iceland!

(The ring road is about 1,380km (863miles) long)

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