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Hafragilsfoss Hafragilsfoss near Ðettifoss, it is not Grand Canyon, but it's worth to see it. (foss = waterfall)
from Akureyri to the highlands On the way from Akureyri to the highlands.
Hafragilsfoss There are mostly black-sand-deserts or stone-deserts in the highlands. Plants are seldom and there are no trees at all!
West-Fjords The West-Fjords are not as big as in Norway, but still, you should go and see them!
Pingvellir Pingvellir, the real border between Europe and America. This tectonic fold grows 5-10mm (0.2-0.4 inch) wider every year.
Stokkur Stokkur (breaks out about every 10 minutes), right next to Gysir who gave the name to all others, but Gysir is inactive since an earthquake a few years ago.