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map France 2007

2 weeks

3,377 km

2,110 miles


This trip is only for history-freaks like Jayne and me. "Normal" people shouldn't try to do this trip, because they would be bored to death! Lots of history from Neolithic times to WWII.

Early September 2007 Jayne and I drove from Sinzig to Oostende in Belgium, where we wanted to visit the Atlantic-Wall-Museum. Then we drove to the Canadian Memorial in Vimy/France. From there we headed to the landing places of D-Day in Normandy, Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. Then we visited the Bayeux Tapestry and Mont Sīt. Michel near Saint-Malo. On to Dinan, the Cairn of Barnenez and to the Alignments of Carnac. From Carnac we drove past Tours and Troys to Verdun. And finally we drove back to Sinzig via Luxemburg.

Recommended map:
France (set of 8 maps), by ADAC, Scale 1:400.000
Guide book: Lonely Planet France
General information


The main season certainly is the Summer, and that is why one should try to avoid this time of year.

In Spring and Fall some camping sites might be closed, and the opening times of some museums and other sites aren't as convenient as in Summer. But we still prefer traveling off season, because of the lack of mass tourism.

Off season the Atlantic-Wall-Museum in Raversijde/Belgium has some ridiculous opening times, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. That is why we skipped visiting this site.

Nearly every bigger town has a camping site "Camping Municipal". Often quite simple, but cheap.

Good wine (cheap), good food (not really cheap), but otherwise there isn't much special to write about France.

soldier cemetery One of the uncountable Soldier Cemeteries from both world wars. Unfortunately there are often no signs at all pointing to the German cemeteries.
WWI tunnel At the Canadian Memorial at Vimy. There are guided tours through the tunnel system from WWI (free and also in English).
Many Germans lost their lives in the opposite tunnels and trenches. Unfortunately one didn't -- his name was Adolf Hitler!
Longues-sur-Mer There are still some canons from WWII at the coast near Longue-sur-Mer, some of them are undestroyed. 
Pointe du Hock Lots of bunkers can be seen at Pointe-du-Hock. A few are undestroyed, and the whole area is covered in bomb craters - impressing.
Utah Beach There are lots of Memorials at and around Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, and many ,mostly privately run, museums.