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Table des Marchand The Table des Marchand (near Locmariaquer) was a more than 20 m high Menhir, that weight 280 tons. It was erected  4.500 BC, but at some point during the millenniums it fell and broke. But even in pieces it is still impressing.
Dolmens de Kerioned
The Dolmens de Kerioned (left photo) are near Carnac. One Dolmen is under ground and has lots of carvings.

Also the Dolmen des Pierre Plates (right photo) has lots of carvings. It is stunningly long, and is located right next to the beach at Locmariaquer.

Tip: Carry a flashlight or head lamp.

Dolmen des Pierre Plates
Cairn de Gavrinis
The Cairn de Gavrinis is special, because it's inside is just covered in beautiful carvings. The Cairn is on a small island, and can be accesed by a tour boat from the port of Larmor-Baden. The guided tour is only in French, but even without the language skills it is worth going.

On the island on the other side one can see a stone circle, which is half below sea level.

Cairn de Gavrinis
Chateau Camping in the front yard of a Chateau. Many owners of a Chateau have problems to pay for it, so they try to make money with a camping site or other things. 
Verdun The church and memorial of Verdun is not really pretty, but still worth seeing. Especially the back side of the building. There you can look through small windows into the basement, which is filled with human bones and sculls!
In the whole area one can visit lots of old military structures and monuments.

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We were lucky with the weather, dry and mostly sunny, but at night the temperatures dropped quite a bit. frierende Jayne

We had 2 weeks for the trip, and  drove 3,377 km (2,110 miles).

Here are some more photos of the trip.

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