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Dinan Dinan has a nice old part of town, with lots of half timbered houses.
Mont St. Michel
Mont Saint Michel is a village with monastery and church in the middle. All built on a hill just off the coast. It is interesting to see, but unfortunately it is absolutely packed with tourists.
Tip: You best go right before sunset, then you can have a good look without too many tourists. Shops and restaurants are still open then, and it is illuminated in a nice way after sunset. The next morning you go straight trough and visit the monastery.
Attention: Have a good look at the tide warning signs at the parking lots! Most of the parking lots are flooded by high tide.
Mont Saint Michel
Roman ruins You can visit some Roman ruins at Corseul, and there are ruins of the Temple of Mars just 2 km away.
Dolmens de Kerguntuill The Dolmens de Kerguntuill (two dolmens) are located a little north of Lezardrieux. They aren't easy to find, but they are worth the effort.
Cairn of Barnenez
The Cairn of Barnenez is the largest one in Europe. It is in Kénéhélén, at the bay of  Morlaix, near Plaugasnou. It was built between 4500 and 3900 BC, and is made up of 11 chambers. From the back 4 chambers are open, because the Cairn was used as a quarry in the 1950's. They should have known better by then! But at least this way one can see how the structure was built. Cairn of Barnenez
Alignements de Kerzerho In Erdeven, near Carnac, you see the Alignements de Kerzerho and lots of Menhires, up to 6m (18 feet) high.
Alignements of Carnac
The Alignements of Carnac go on for several kilometers (miles) and are just stunning! The whole thing was built between 5000 and 2000 BC and consists of about 4000 standing stones. Off season one can actually walk between the stones in some areas, which are fenced in otherwise. Alignements of Carnac