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I have been looking for the perfect bottle holder for quite some time now. All the solutions I found for bicycles, from Touratech  or other companies were not really perfect in my opinion. The bottles of all these solution are unprotected against dirt and mud. 

At some point I ordered again a 0.7l bottle of Irish Bushmills-Whiskey. The bottle then did not come in the normal card board roll, but in a nice cover of artificial leather. I immediately knew what I would do with this cover, if PET-bottles would fit in it too. So I got a bottle of coke and tried to put it in - it fit, but the top would not close properly - what a shame. But then I tried it with a mineral water bottle and it fit perfectly! I quickly ordered a second bottle of Whiskey (it won't go bad ;-) ) to get a second cover. A one liter bottle of stainless steel fits as well, but the one liter-bottle from Globetrotter/Enders unfortunately has only a capacity of 850ml!

Putting it on the bike was no problem at all. Holding the cover to the engine guard, marking the positions of the bars and drilling eight small holes for four zip ties. Put the zip ties trough the holes and tighten them to the engine guard. Done! It is fixed to my Africa Twin now for about 20,000 km.

This bottle holder costs about as much as the one from Touratech, but this one comes with a bottle of good Whiskey ;-)