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main roads in Latvia Even some main roads in Latvia are gravel roads. But usually they are easily to drive on.
storks There are thousands of storks in the Baltic states. There were actually many more on this field, but stopping the bike and getting the camera out, took too long.
Riga The UNESCO world heritage city Riga is worth a visit. You will find photos somewhere else on the web.
soviet bunker in Ligatne Secret tip: There is a old soviet bunker in Ligatne, near Sigulda. It is below a local rehabilitation centre. Ask for the rehabilitation centre, and not the bunker, because most locals don't know about the bunker, or they don't want to talk about it (it was secret until 2003). You can arrange guided tours in English and German, phone 4131321. Unfortunately it is only allowed to take photos in one room, because the government still keeps the bunker in usable conditions.
Many buildings need a renovation Many buildings, like in this small town, need a renovation. Others are already renovated and look great.
gravel road in Latvia And yet another gravel road in Latvia.
village road Some village roads are hardly passable without a off road bike. Especially after a rain shower.
Baltic landscape In general the landscapes in the Baltic states aren't exactly spectacular. Forests, fields and all flat. It is pretty, but after a while it can get boring.