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map of Klaipeda There are 2 ferries in Klaipeda to the Curonian Spit. One pedestrian only ferry and a car ferry. The signage isn't really good. This map you'll find, after getting totally lost, at the port.
Curonian Spit The beaches of the Curonian Spit are used by many people (locals and tourists) to look for amber. But to find amber between all the stones, one needs a good eye and patience. 

Tip: Is it a stone, amber or ship-grease? Not always easy to see! Amber does float in salt water, but not in fresh water. Stones don't float at all, and grease always does.

typical village road in Lithuania A typical village road somewhere in Lithuania.
Mountain of Crosses
The Mountain of Crosses consists of thousands of crosses in all sizes. When I was there a wedding party came to put up a new cross.

They are just working on a small building, probably to charge a entrance fee soon.

Mountain of Crosses
typical church There are many of these typical churches.
Russian monument One can also find some Russian monuments.
Kolkasrags Kolkasrags, the north tip of western Latvia.