Gear review - Original motorcycle tool kit

Motorcycle gloves Original Honda tool kit of my XRV750 Africa Twin

The original tool kit of my Honda Africa Twin is quite complete and of surprising good quality. Many other manufacturers have long started to save at the tool kit and either supply cheaper quality, less tools, or no tool kit at all.


The original tool kit of my Honda XRV750 Africa Twin consists of the following components:
- Open end wrench 8 mm
- Open end wrench10 / 12 mm
- Open end wrench14 / 17 mm
- Ring wrench 10 / 12 mm
- Ring wrench17 mm
- Ring wrench24 mm
- Extention for 24 mm wrench
- Pair of pliers
- Spark plug wrench
- 3x screw driver
- Allen wrench 3 mm

On my trips I take some additional tools, tire repair kit and several spare parts. The tools and spare parts of course have to specific for your motorcycle, because different manufacturers have different screw sizes and some even require special tools.