Gear review - Rain Gear

Regenkombi Polo  Rain Suit   Euro 39.95

I bought this rain suit many years ago after I lost my old one in Ireland. It was absolutely waterproof, but now after many years, some seams leak a little when riding for hours in the rain. A one piece rain suit has the disadvantage that it is a little complicated to put it on or off, but it is more waterproof and warmer than rain jacket and pants. 



The zipper goes diagonal down nearly to the knee, which makes it a little easier to put it on or off. In the upper part the suit has inside a textile mesh, which I don't know what it is for. By putting it on I often get caught with my fingers in the mesh, also zippers and Velcro of my jacket constantly get caught in it. The rain suit rolls quite small, but is heavy. There are thinner rain suits available that roll smaller and are lighter, but I don't trust their durability.
Conclusion: A good rain suit, recommended.




First Gear  Rain Jacket   $55.95

Since I'm not getting younger and not more flexible either, I decided to retire my one piece rain suit and get a rain jacket and rain pants instead. For the rain jacket i didn't chose a very thin and light one, because I was worried about their durability, even though this one is not as light and doesn't fold as small. It is absolutely waterproof and has two waterproof outer pockets and one inner pocket. Reflective material seems to be very expensive, as all manufacturers use it only very sparingly. I decided to go with a blue jacket, because neon yellow ones are much more expensive and there are not that many different models to chose from.
Conclusion: A very good rain jacket, not cheap, but recommended.




Aldi  Rain Pants   Euro 12.95

These rain pants are actually bicycle rain pant from Aldi, that I have already for some years now. The pant legs open entirely with zippers and Velcro, which makes putting them on much easier, but I usually open them only half way. The pants are waterproof and have a few reflective stripes at the legs. Finally something cheap that actually works.
Conclusion: Good and cheap, absolutely recommended.


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Hein Gericke  Rain Boots   Euro 14.95

Since my boots are not waterproof I needed something to keep my feet dry while riding in the rain. These rain covers from Hein Gericke have a thin rubber sole in the front, they open completely on the side, and close with Velcro. They have a rubber band to close tight at the leg, but it is best to wear them under the rain pants to avoid water running in from the top.
Conclusion: Good material, absolutely recommended.



Polo  Rain Gloves   Euro 5.95

These rain gloves get worn over the normal gloves and are absolutely waterproof, but they are so bulky that it can come to dangerous situations if one can't reach the brake lever because the glove is in the way.
Conclusion: I can't recommend them, they are too dangerous for me, I rather have wet fingers.