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Kotor / Montenegro

Close to Kotor, Montenegro. Really nice, even though Kotor is already crowded with tourists.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, Croatia also is a pretty old town, and, unfortunately, also pretty crowded.
Stefan Dietz and Patrick Barbanus In Bosnia I visited Patrick Barbanus, a friend from my hometown who was stationed with the German military in Mostar (EUFOR).
multinational army camp When do you get the chance to visit a multinational-army-camp? My friend plans on going to Afghanistan soon, but I told him, that I wouldn't visit him there!
Mostar The old town of Mostar with the rebuilt bridge "Stari Most" is absolutely worth a visit.
bullet holes It is really sad to see that many houses in Bosnia look like this. I would even say that there isn't a single house in Bosnia without at least a few bullet holes. Even in Sarajevo one can still see big hotels and buildings totally bombed out and burned down - a really disturbing sight!