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The Meteora-Monasteries in northern Greece are stunning.

bunkers in Albania The former communist leader of Albania definitely was paranoid, as he built more then 600,000 bunker all over the country. The small white dots between the fields are all bunkers.
restaurant in south Albania At this small restaurant in south Albania I stopped for lunch. Since we couldn't find a common language, the cook called me into the kitchen and opened all pots for me to look into. It all looked good and also smelled good, but I still didn't really know what everything was. So the cook pointed to one pot and said "Baaah", then pointed to another one and said "Mooo". Then we both had a good laugh, andI ordered the "Mooo" with rice -- it was really good!
Butrinti The Roman ruins of Butrinti are in the very south of Albania (south of Saranda). Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.
Albanian ferry I didn't really trust this ferry, even though it probably has worked for a long time, even for busses and trucks. But  it worked just fine - at least while I was there  ;-) 
Albania, a country on its way up This photo shows best what Albania is now - a country on its way up
- a new road (they are building like crazy, hotels and roads)
- a Mercedes (everybody in Albania drives a Mercedes, stolen or not) 
- a horse-drawn wagon (many people are still very poor)
- a advertisement for beer (a Muslim country, but far from being radical)
good roads in Albania There are some good roads in Albania, and more on the way, but by far, most roads, even main connection roads, still look like this one. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend to go to Albania without a dual sport bike, at least until 2009 or 2010! One part of about 130 km took me over 4 hours!!! The highland tracks in Iceland where better! I don't even want to imagine what these roads look like in the rain, but at least then one can see the deep potholes better.